css2switch Basic

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css2switch Basic
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15. Mar 2015

css2switch allows to link different stylesheets (css files) to any published menu item. This allows you to give each page of your website a different look. The connection between a stylesheet and a menu item may be handled down automatically to all included subitems.

You may also connect different stylesheets to each existing menu (menuname).

The css2switch package contains a component for administration and configuration, and also a required system plugin.


The Basic Edition limits the attribution of individually style sheets to the first and second menu levels.

The Basis Edition can only load similiar css files for guests and for logged in users.

Newly created menu elements must be once loaded and stored manually in the css2switch Basic components backend, until inheritance rules be applied to them.

  • 2015-03-15
    • fix: J2.5 deprecated api
  • 2013-12-30
    • fix: PostgreSQL error
  • 2013-09-17
    • new: PostgreSQL Support