Fading Content From Category

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Fading Content From Category
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rev 40
26. Mar 2014

The „Fading Content from Category" module displays any content items of a selected category with a soft crossfading web 2.0 effect.

In this way you can cut and display long and search engine optimized articles into little and easy to read chapters.

The module is simple to install and to use. Settings: area position, area width and height, category ID, speed of crossfading, time of freeze, sorting (ID, Title, Alias, asc, desc, random).

  • 2014-03-26
    • fix: missing language vars
    • fix: missing class for link
  • 2013-12-11
    • enh: 100% width option (leave width field empty)
    • fix: 100% width on childs
  • 2013-11-07
    • fix: last item in while are wrong
    • fix: ordering reversed
  • 2013-10-23
    • new: multiple categories selectable
    • new: language filter